Efficient diagnostics

Make sure that your tasks reach the right people
Sent to the right people

Each task will be sent to someone or even an entire staff to execute. Visto memorizes your groups and at each new request, choose only who you want to send the request.

Real-time notifications

Forward new tasks to your groups and Visto ensures that it will be delivered immediately.


Have it your way

Visto customization works according to the needs of your business.
For your business

Each company has their own characteristics and Visto easily fits yours. Create document flows, forms and manage new tasks.

Add experts

Group up your experts according to the needs of your company to anticipate problems. Register your teams and experts, set the work schedule for each of them and wich part in the process they will take action.

Make workflows easily through Visto

Your team can create, view and adjust the process in an automated way
Construction of workflow documents

Set workflows that represent processes that require a check. Our workflow editor allows the creation of simple flows. After the creation, Visto transforms the flows in simple checklists that will be sent to your team according to your needs.

Request files to your tasks

When creating workflows, choose what sort of attachment you want to be added to each step of the flow, Visto allows the inclusion of attachments such as audio, images, videos, documents and notes, making each step more efficient.

Create forms intuitively

Creation of form documents

Create and manage your forms through Visto. With the form's editor, Visto can build highly customizable forms in a very simple way. You can create, send, collect and distribute information about the data analysis of your form.

Request attachments

When you make your forms in Visto, you can add attachments such as: audio, images and documents to make your results even more efficient.

Visto is multiplatform

Keep updated with Visto
Synchronization with your devices

Visto stores your information on remote severs with high processing capacity, making them availible in the web or any mobile device.

Visto offline

Your tasks will continue to run normally if you run out of internet connection. With Visto’s offline mode, all your tasks are automatically synchronized as soon as the connection returns.


Library of workflows and forms

For your comfort, Visto stores all your documents
Always available

Visto organizes the workflows and form documents in an easy access library where you can copy, paste, rename or distribute your documents into folders that offer sharing possibility with all the sectors of your business.


Optimize the results of your business

Have a clear vision of your processes
Visão clara dos seus processos
Follow up the task progress

In your business' dashboard, view your tasks in progress, delayed, completed and even their localization statistics(GPS)

Suas verificações
Efficient diagnostics

For every need, Visto will deliver a dynamic diagnosis explaining what happened. Check the attachments from your tasks, print and display them in the way you prefer.


Reliable and safe

Visto has an infraestructure aiming the protection that your business needs.
Storage of your files

Visto is safe and has the capacity to store your business’ entire information. The resources used in Visto like encryption, secure authentications and 24 hour data centers monitoring are very efficient and safe. Store your files using AES 256 - bit encryption and transfer them to our server in a secure tunnel using SSL/TLS.